So. I am extremely excited for Stoker…

(Edit: I have now seen the film, and as for how right I was…

…well, I won’t spoil it for you.)

…and naturally, while I wait until Friday (or more likely Saturday) to go and see it, I shall attempt to figure out what will happen in the film, judging by the trailer and what I’ve read of the reviews that have emerged so far, which make me even more excited.

So far, what’s been officially given to us is as follows: India Stoker’s father, Richard, and her best friend die in a strange car accident. India and her mother, Evelyn, are understandably rather cut up about this. Also they don’t exactly have the greatest bond between mother and daughter that there ever has been or ever will be, so India is left bereft by the loss of her beloved dad, and puts a blank face on everything, just like she did in Alice in Wonderland. ( Or rather just as Mia Wasikowska did; this is the first and last joke I’ll make about that film, I swear.)

Then, on the day of the funeral, who should turn up but Uncle Charlie.

Wait, who? Ah, it turns out Richard had a brother that he never told India about (whether he told Evelyn is still unknown as of yet) who’s attractive and charming and who, in no time at all, has moved into the Stoker home for an undefined amount of time. To the delight of Evelyn, who he seems to be getting closer to than is at all appropriate, and to the disgust of India.

At first.

So far, so good. Now to begin to theorise what might happen next, judging on what I’ve gleaned from the good old internet; potential spoilers abound beyond, folks.

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So. The Problem with Sansa…

How do I loathe thee? Let me count the ways,” was my reaction to Sansa throughout much of A Game of Thrones. Well, no, not loathe, that’s a bit strong, I’ve never wished her to go die in a fire, but I shan’t deny that the Sansa of the first book was as annoying as all get out.

At first.

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