Why Theodore Beale is a waste of space

I recently reblogged NK Jemisin’s wonderful speech about racism in Australia – which the Australians are working to eradicate – the racism in her own country, and the racism in science fiction and fantasy. It was a great speech.

It was a speech that also made reference to a certain member of the SFWA  (Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America) that she didn’t name, but labelled as racist, misogynistic and bigoted.

Theodore Beale is that man. And, oh boy, has he responded. He’s responded by not only writing something, but also posting it directly to the SWFA Twitter feed, ensuring that plenty of people can be made fully aware of his opinion, even if they desperately wish they hadn’t.

I won’t put all his words down here: Foz Meadows makes a summary of them, in a passionate and marvellous attack against this man. http://fozmeadows.wordpress.com/2013/06/14/reconciliation-a-response-to-theodore-beale/

But I will say that, while I was reading his attack and he was talking about things such as ‘those self defence laws have been put in place to let whites defend themselves by shooting people, like her, who are savages in attacking white people’ 


‘there is no evidence that a society of NK Jemisins is capable of building an advanced civilization…it is illogical to imagine, let alone insist, that Africans have somehow managed to do so in less than half the time with even less direct contact’

I felt my heart begin to race and my teeth to grind and I cracked my knuckles and I longed to have this man, this vile man in front of me, so that I could scream at him that he was wrong, he was so wrong, damn you damn you damn you.

It’s probably just as well we aren’t in the same room. I don’t have the language or the ability to articulate a reasoned argument too well right now, if at all. I just want to hit something right now.

Please, if you follow me, even if you just read this by chance, make yourself aware of this situation. It isn’t pretty, but it is so important.

And please, go and read NK Jemisin, a brilliant and beautiful woman who has won awards and created worlds and will not be dragged down by this vile man, and read foz meadows, who articulated her rage and disgust and condemnation in one glorious post.


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