So. Hannibal 1×13: ‘Savoreux’. Take five, people, that’s a wrap on Season 1

Hannibal’s first finale has, frankly, left me speechless. Really, what else is there to say?

Other than “Yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooou,” as I point accusingly at Lecter. 


And also at Bryan Fuller, that insane genius. “Yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooou.”

Instead, I shall throw my mind back to certain things that I wrote, back when I was young and innocent, and the Hannibal fandom was merely a glint in everyone’s eyes.

It is actually intriguing to recall what I thought would happen. I had some idea of what this show would do, but no idea what it would do to me in the process.

Can a ‘they fight/solve/commit crime’ plot actually work?

First of all, Graham and Lecter teaming up? Those who’ve read or watched Red Dragon can justifiably point out that there’s no love lost between those two in there, since Lecter tried to gut Graham like a pig and plotted against him in prison while seemingly providing advice.

 ‘Aha’, the producers and writers of this show cry, ‘but it will show the similarities between the two, the vital connection that they share, the ways in which they are undeniably the same!’


‘We were thinking something a bit more elegant sounding, but yes, bromance might cover it.’

Mmmhmm. Could work.

Oh boy, could it work. And then make us weep and gnash our teeth, yay, verily. (Although it wasn’t really so much of a team up as a ‘Will occasionally comes to Lecter to sound out his ideas and Lecter takes copious opportunities to drive Will insane.)

And, since Graham can hardly catch Lecter by the end of the first season – they’ve got at least two seasons planned out, after all, with more to follow – there might be a lot of interestingly themed killers to catch in the interim. (Assuming Lecter isn’t committing all of them, which, judging by the ‘artistic’ presentation of the corpses, he could be.)

Interesting killers we had, aplenty. From the Deer Hunter to the Mushroom Man, from Tobias Budge to the Human Jenga Enthusiast, we have had a veritable buffet table of interesting serial killers, complete with Lecter being a copy cat and occasionally protective of his territory, so to speak.

I predict numerous intimate conversations between an empathetic man and his trusted psychiatrist, framed very much like seductions. (Bryan Fuller flat out calls it a ‘love story’.** The possibilities are endless. Think of Youtube, think of Tumblr…) Authorities that do not believe in the might of Graham, until lo, they witness his powers…of comprehending the strange twisted minds of psychopaths. Graham will have nightmares and stand on roofs in his underpants. Lecter will host dinners and feed people to other people, presumably for shits and giggles. A growing bond will blossom, slow but steady, between the two, that will hurt all the more when it’s broken.

I seriously feel like Nostradamus at this point, although this really wasn’t too hard to deduce. Also, to be fair, Will only went sleep walking in his undies a few times.

There’ll be a good deal of red herrings, dead ends and fabulous gourmet meals. Judging by all the marketing and, heck, Hannibal the Cannibal, they’re going to play up the food angle as much as is humanly possible…

Oh, they did. They really did. 


…[I] ponder about what will happen if, in later seasons, they run out of culinary terms? Maybe they’ll move onto kitchen utensils, or hunting equipment?

Apparently not:


I am very excited for a cannibalism world tour.

And there’ll be plenty of the preparation and ingredients that went into the dishes, shown in lovingly gory detail. They’ve actually brought a top chef on as a ‘cannibal consultant’ to advise how best to prepare human flesh for consumption, you know they’re going to show us at least some of that.

We’re just about the luckiest audience in the world.

I remember thinking ‘Called it’ with the lungs in the pilot. And then all the while Sorbet was playing I was rocking to and fro, peeking through my fingers and giggling in horror, I was thinking to myself, ‘I was right I was right, eee hee hee.’

I seriously love how, in one trailer, they’ve not only overlaid the action with Vide Cor Meum – a song written specifically for the Hannibal film – but shown that someone will actually be singing it in the series, as Hannibal is overcome with…something.

Fair enough, the opera singer didn’t actually sing Vide Cor Meum, but nonetheless it did show up in ‘Savoreux’, and was most effective. I am pleased.

Due to all these reasons and more, I personally think that there’s a chance for this to be a truly beautiful, harrowing series. A lot of the images that I’ve seen in the trailers are stark and shocking, particularly what’s left behind when the killers have had their fun – and yet I think the plots that’ll emerge, the tensions and conflicts that they’ll create, have great potential; if only they’re handled right. If nothing else, I’m comforted by the fact that Lecter and Graham’s scenes are certain to be great, and they can’t possibly reach the heights of Hannibal’s (book and film) silliness.

…Can they?

Well, after thirteen episodes of Hannibal, with all the elements that I didn’t predict – because how could I predict things such as the gorgeous Abigail Hobbs, the dogs, the Raven Stag, the ‘— is People’ trend, the Science Team, Eddie Izzard good grief Eddie Izzard – I can safely say that Hannibal is a truly, wonderfully bizarre show. It’s subverted our expectations again and again. It’s socked us in the gut with its twists, turns and consequences. It’s given us characters that have seized our imaginations as we desperately wonder who’s going to get eaten next, who’s going to be served someone next and, increasingly, if anyone can help Will Graham. It’s made us almost wish for Hannibal Lecter to gain a friend, and left us unable to look away as he decides that yes, he does want a companion, and uses unspeakable methods to get what he wants.

It’s strange, twisted, dark and has made a lot of people alternatively cackle, grieve and glare at the title character. It’s given us an ingenious finale that has left us in need of the hiatus, in order to get over the sight of Will behind bars, with Lecter looking in.

(Smile all you want, Lecter. Unless there is some serious re-writing of canon going on, you aren’t going to be nearly as smug when it’s your turn to be inside looking out.)

It’s a poisonous, delicious show, and I’ve loved every minute of it. 

More than that, I’ve loved every minute of being part of the fanbase that’s grown around it; reading the brilliantly funny and insightful recaps and analyses; staring gobsmacked at the gorgeous artwork and media fans have produced; giggling insanely over tweets from those involved in the show and those who’ve helped to muster up a most mighty response to help keep this wonderful show alive and kicking; smiling at the confusion of those who’ve wondered where the hell this enthusiasm about cannibals and stags and designs has come from.

It’s a strange experience, to have been there at the birth of a show’s fanbase. Strange and gratifying, and I am happy, proud and privileged to count myself a fully gorged and satisfied Fannibal. 

In short, an exceptional banquet. Let us hope next season’s fare will be just as tasty. 



5 thoughts on “So. Hannibal 1×13: ‘Savoreux’. Take five, people, that’s a wrap on Season 1”

  1. I love that it’s revived my personal interest in the canon after the movies eventually left me feeling distant to the only cannibal I have ever loved. And being a Fannibal reminded me why being in a fandom is fun.

    1. I agree; ‘Red Dragon’ was all right, but ‘Hannibal’ and ‘Hannibal Rising’ were just…draining. ‘Hannibal’, though, has brought us all crawling out of the word work and summoned many to join us!

      I just love this fanbase so much. I love the real joy we all seem to get out of watching a show about people being killed and eaten. Seriously, I love how it’s brought us all together from across the world, discussing and reviewing it with hopes for the future. And, like I said, it’s the first time I’ve been in a fandom from the beginning. I saw the rise of its popularity on tumblr.
      I feel like a very minor midwife; if I’ve made even a few people aware of it, I feel satisfied.

      1. It made me remember I had a Tumblr account….

        This was the first show I ever bothered recapping and I’d just sort of done it on a lark. Then when I missed a week because the Boston Marathon bombing left me too worn out to function and I got a couple of pokes about it, I was kind of surprised. Then all of the art and I poked around at other recaps and it was all just so *fun*

        I used to write a lot of fanfics in other fandoms but then i started publishing original work and between the other fandom dramas and just…professional drama, I guess, I was pretty worn out. Fannibalness has that sort of morbid humor and getting into gory details that’s so much more a comfortable fit for me.

        And I’m so glad Alana got the dogs because at the time she took them, Hannibal was still on the table for Will and I would’ve been very sad to see, “The beer is dog!”

      2. I’ve just loved all the recaps people do, expressing their thoughts and feelings on what they’ve seen. They pour their heart, soul and analyzing skills into this show. And it is glorious.

        It just sucks you in, and you don’t regret a thing.

        Well. Maybe a few things…

        Fandoms as a whole are pretty wearing. I mean, there’s the Superwholock triad who were so afraid of us and are now tentatively accepting, offering us shock blankets and jammy dodgers and apple pie. That’s honestly sweet. But yeah, current media kind of wore on my soul too. There really wasn’t anything I was watching on tumblr, not even the Hobbit stuff.

        And then came Hannibal.

        I am very glad Alana got the dogs too. She’ll take care of them – or realistically get someone to take care of them, because dogs are a lot of work and she’s got stuff to do. Alana Bloom; a woman who (sort of) knows what’s going on.

      3. I really love Sherlock but I guess I was kind of turned off by Cumberbitches early on and didn’t engage. That show isn’t as morbid though either. And I love Dr. Who, just, again not that into the fandom. But I guess for me there isn’t much to discuss with Dr. Who. The show kind of is what it is. Looking too deeply into it gets all timey wimey 🙂

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