An inside joke from the UEA CWS

Warning: some strong language; I think it’s funny when my characters swear because I so rarely do in real life.

This was the result of trying to write an urban fantasy snippet. Anyone who’s been to Norwich should hopefully recognise at least two places in this short.


She’d walked along this street – maybe about twenty, thirty times before? This wasn’t teh first time she’d felt nervous doing it, but it was definitely the first time she’d felt as if she was being followed.

She turned around.

There was a vampire coming up the street after her, direct from The Birdcage Pub.

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So. I was going through my old papers just now…

…and there are lots of scraps from my years in my university’s Creative Writing Society in there. So I thought I’d upload some snippets. Here’s one where I had to write part of a fairy tale in the style of low fantasy. Try and guess where it’s from?

Warning, language, because I think it’s funny when my characters swear; I do it so little myself, after all.


The man had tethered his horse and sat down under the tree now, unpacking his saddle bag. He pulled out fresh bread. Apples. Dear God,cheese. He looked up at her, smiled and tore the loaf in two.

“There’s plenty for us both,” he offered. “Why don’t I throw some up and you can try to catch it?”

“Why don’t you bugger off?” Her arms, wrapped around the branch to keep her steady as they were, were starting to ache.

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