Day 2, July 20th 2006 – Beijing to Ulaan Baatar

Thanks to my confusion over time zones, my alarm went off much earlier and I mistakenly woke everyone up long before they needed to, fearing we would miss our flight. Fortunately, everyone didn’t hold that much of a grudge.

My turn to be dehydrated today, but fortunately it didn’t last too long since I’ve drunk lots of water. We’ve started the iodine sterilization process – it’s an acquired taste. To me it’s actually beginning to taste a bit sickly sweet.

Our group gets on much better than the other group, I think. We cooperate and organise well, and so far we haven’t had any really big arguments. Let’s hope that won’t change for the rest of the trip.

We were all glad to leave the hotel, even if it did have hot showers (that only marginally worked). The squat lavatories were not very pleasant to use even without being able to flush. Added t this is the fact that there were hardly any English speaking people around. The airport is right on the edge of Beijing, and as Mr. Postle (the attending teacher) said, to expect much English to be spoken there is like stepping off the plane in Heathrow or Gatwick and expecting to find the Chinese embassy down the road.

Fortunately, most of the shops in the airport had English signs, so we were able to have a moderately timed breakfast at Starbucks.

We’re now flying over Mongolia – at least I think we are. It’s hard to tell when you’re in the air. Poor Leslie’s still feeling sick, and I’m feeling rather ill myself, but I’ve taken medication.

Definitely Mongolia below now.

I will send my family an email as well as a postcard, as soon as I can find an internet cafe.


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