Day 6, July 24th – Summer Camp

A reasonable day. Scrambled eggs on fried bread for breakfast, with ketchup. So glad I stocked up on wood last night; the people building the fire needed it.

Spent much of the day playing with the children, or finishing off the washing up with wet wipes – that scrambled egg stuck like hell! Also, discovered that I appear to have mislaid my toothpaste – if it hasn’t been taken. At worst, I shall have to share with someone else, or buy a new one in Ulaan Bataar. Here’s hoping it turns up among the mountains of stuff on our tent porch.

Around the beginnings of dinner, the heavens opened. The delegated cooks kept the fire going while dripping with rain, while the rest of us watched from inside the main building. We listened to members of the camp practise traditional Mongolian songs, in preparation for a company that’s coming tomorrow to record a CD!

Soon the skies cleared, and we were able to sit down to a veritable feast of sticky rice and a tuna stir-fry. Yesterday’s creation being entitled ‘Vegetable Cock-up’, by Chris, this evening’s meal was entitled ‘tuna surprise’. The surprise being trying to distinguish the difference between a piece of tuna and a piece of tomato.

As we finished eating, it started pouring again. This pattern carried on for the next few hours. The kids’ game quickly progressed from scrapping for bits of cloth to mud wrestling.

Finally washed my hair today, first time since Friday morning! Having clean hair is so nice. So is having clean knickers. The bliss.

Leslie and I are both friendly with a girl named Dora. I didn’t know her until tonight. When she was very young, she was taken into hospital, supposedly only to stay for a short while – but she was locked up in a room with very little light for five years. Even though she’s now eight, she can’t talk properly, moves awkwardly and behaves like someone much younger. She is tremendously sweet-natured, but when you look at her so fascinated by a piece of velcro on your sleeve, and know what happened to her, it’s awful. Leslie was in tears last night.


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