Day 8, July 26th – back to Ulaan Bataar!

We left the camp today at a pretty disastrous start of 7.05 – the bus supposedly arriving at 7.30. Thank goodness for the cleaning lady who barged into the hall and woke us up!

The children were up early to see us off. Hardly a dry eye on the bus or off it as we hugged our goodbyes. Many of us mourned the loss of our favourite children ad waved until the camp and its members were out of sight. The project was at an end, with much success and a little heart break.

Once we returned to Ulaan Bataar, and our previous resort, there was no time to relax. We set out in groups to find transport for the journey to Tsterleg, which would also accompany us to carry the luggage on the pony and foot trek. We managed to commission two former Sviet trucks and their drivers, and thus were able to attend the California restaurant to drink Coke, beer or water, and steal fellow team member’s chips(!). Other groups did not fair so well in purchasing food, meaning time was wasted in the afternoon while they sought lunch.

Finally we all went to the Black Market in order to purchase riding boots, as well as cooking utensils for the journey. In case of pickpockets, we all kept an eye upon each other while making our purchases. Strangely enough, all the girls bought more traditional boots with flat soles and plenty of embroidery, while the boys chose more Western style footwear with actual heels. Time will tell which type are more useful.

Once back at the gers, we quickly dumped our purchases and donned our new boots in preparation for a night out at the local Irish pub, complete with garlic steak, chips and rice.

We enjoyed what time we had before we had to go back to the gers and embark upon a frantic packing sessions, trying to decide who would carry what, how our supplies would be transported and which van would take them. 12.30 before we all got to bed, though it was on full stomachs.

Bought postcards, but was unable to get to post office to send them. Don’t know when there will next be an opportunity.




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