Anonymous 2011: aka Who The Hell Wrote This ****?

In honour of Shakespeare’s probable birthday – and date of death; yes, Shakespeare supposedly died on his birthday, that must have spoiled the party, ho ho, bet you never heard that joke before – I’ve decided to make up a list of my favorites when it comes to his works, both plays and films based on his plays.

However, before we get to that, I felt the need to briefly address a certain film I was recently reminded of:



Anonymous, a film released in 2011, directed by Roland Emerich and starring Rhys Ifans and Vanessa Redgrave, is based upon the

Oxfordian theory of Shakespeare authorship.

Aka the simple theory that Shakespeare did not, in fact, write the plays for which he is so famous.

Then who did write the plays? Why, none other than Edward da Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford!

And that’s where it stops being simple; at least as far as this film is concerned.  Continue reading “Anonymous 2011: aka Who The Hell Wrote This ****?”