So. Doctor Who: ‘Nightmare in Silver’

This is a recap, with very occasional moments of discussion and/or rants. (Well, there’ s a sort of review at the end, but don’t expect anything too deep.) If you haven’t seen ‘Nightmare in Silver’, this will spoil it for you.

So. Wow. Um. This episode.

Well. It certainly was an episode. Let me recap it first, and then get back to you.

The TARDIS lands in Hedgewick’s World, in a tableux that looks rather like the moon landing but is, in fact, something place else, a long way from Earth. So, what, the Doctor let the kids on without a fight? I was expecting the episode to start with him protesting and then giving in and bringing them along, but it seems they decided to skip that bit and just get stuck in straight away.

Capture Angie
You’re going to have that look on your face for pretty much the whole episode, aren’t you? Thanks, just checking.

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So. Dr Who: ‘The Crimson Horror’

A special episode this time; unlike previous weeks, I actually had people to watch it with! Lovely lovely people!!! Ordinarily Dr Who is a solitary viewing experience for me.

I am so alone.

Anyway, the bold bits in brackets are more or less what we said at certain points, although I will be paraphrasing a tad. Enjoy!

Yorkshire, 1893 – thanks, helpful subtitle! – and a married couple have been dabbling in things they ought not to dabble in by investigating Sweetville, (I am not going to be able to take that name seriously, I’m sorry). They melodramatically kiss and part, and this is a pre-credits sequence so you know it can’t end well and, what do you know? The woman’s waylaid by Mrs. Gillyflower and her enforcers, there’s some clumsy references to the woman’s ‘late’ husband who’s not ‘late’ as of yet but soon will be, get it, get it, get it? Yes, I do believe we’ve gotten it. We also get a discretion scream and


I did not need a red screaming corpse shoved right in my face, episode, thanks all the same.

It appears that this is not the first time someone’s been found like this. Hence the ‘Crimson Horror’ that gives the episode its name. You would think that Mrs. Gillyflower would be more careful about dumping the bodies of her victims, especially if they look like this:

Capture crimson devil
Yeah, nothing suspicious about this corpse AT ALL.

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So. What I thought as I watched ‘The Bells of St John’.

This isn’t so much a review as a stream of consciousness  with very occasional moments of discussion and/or rants. If you haven’t seen ‘The Bells of St John’ – which I do recommend you do; despite the skepticism, I did like the episode – this probably won’t make much sense.

(First of all, a minor rant; I was deceived and disappointed by the title of this episode. Yes, I knew the episode was going to be about WiFi, but I was very much hoping that there were going to be some actual churchbells in the episode, rather like the ‘Oranges and Lemons say the bells of St Clements’ nursery rhyme. Maybe all the churches in London would come to life and ring out, or something!

Instead, we get a phone ringing in the Tardis, which happens to have a label saying ‘St John’s Ambulance’. That is not a bell. That is a ringing phone, that is cheating, that is false advertising and I want my money back.

Only I didn’t actually pay for this episode, unless you count the tv licence, but it’s the principle of the thing.

Now that I’ve got that joke rant out of the way, let’s get down to business.)

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