So. Game of Thrones 3×07: ‘The Bear and the Maiden Fair’

We open with Jon and the Wildlings – that sounds like the name of a band. Are there Game of Thrones rock bands, like wizard rock thanks to Harry Potter? If not, there should be.

Anywho, Jon and the Wildlings have now gotten down the other side of the Wall and into Westeros, hooray, have a biscuit. Ygritte and Jon get into an argument about the relative effectiveness of their respective armies, and Ygritte storms off in a huff and sounding a tad like a broken record – although, thank goodness, she hasn’t come out with “You know nothing, Jon Snow,” nearly as much as she did in the source material. The writers knew they probably couldn’t get away with having it more than once an episode, at the very most.

Jon gets into a spat with Orell who, it emerges, resents Jon not only because he doesn’t believe he’s being sincere about having joined the Wildlings, but also because Orell is in love with Ygritte. Or in lust, or something.


Cast your mind back to the Wall climbing of last episode, where Orell was perfectly willing to cut the rope tying them all together and let Jon and Ygritte fall to their deaths. The Wildling way of life is hard, but you can’t really tell me that this was the sort of attitude someone would have if they were in love/lust with one of the aforementioned people who was about to die because of them. Also, what are the odds that, out of all the women in the Wildling army, Orell just so happened to have fixated on Ygritte? This is just giving him another excuse to hate Jon and eventually try to kill him.

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So. An issue with ‘Seraphina’…

First of all, let me recommend Seraphina by Rachel Hartman to you all. Go read it. Please, go read it. It’s a book with a really interesting spin on dragons, music, magic, love and scales. Both the sort you play and the sort you get on reptiles and dragons.

See what I did there?

If you need a few more reasons to pick it up, how about these to start you off?

  • There’s a fantasy religion with a boat-load of bizarre weird saints, which I believe to be taking the gentle mickey out of Catholic martyrs and all the strange things they’re portrayed with in paintings.
  • There are dragons who aren’t going to be ridden on for once; they’re very much more like the Chinese depiction of dragons in that they can take human form, and they’re basically like Vulcans because they can’t process emotions and constantly get things wrong.
  • It takes place in a period that is NOT the fantasy Dung Ages, for a change!
  • There’s a fun, sarcastic main character who loses her temper a lot.
  • There is so much deadpan snarking from everyone.
  • There’s music, music, so many descriptions of music that are actually good.
  • There’s great developing platonic relationships, no I’m not going to tell you who they’re between, go and read the book.

Now. Go and read it. Go, and I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.

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