Sorting through Dad’s hoard #10: Cyrano de Bergerac


It was one of Dad’s fondest hopes that we would one day be able to read great classics in their original languages.

It is one of my fondest hopes that, one day, I will fulfil his hope. Foreign languages were never one of my strong points.

*side-eyes Duo Linguo*

The 1990 version of Edmond Rostand’s Cyrano de Bergerac – with Gérard Depardieu, Anne Brochet, and  Vincent Perez – is the first time I can remember experiencing a subtitled film. With the added complication that when Dad sat us down to watch it, he admitted he didn’t really like the translation used in the film’s subtitles.


“The script that this version’s using was written by Anthony Burgess. It’s not very faithful. The original play’s all in verse, so Burgess tries to stick to that format, and it’s not as good.There’s a much more accurate translation in the 1950 film with José Ferrer, but we’ll save that for another time.”

And so we experienced the sometimes funny, sometimes sad, always exciting story of the comic-tragic love triangle between the radiant and demanding Roxanne, the gallant but tongue-tied Christian and the brash, swashbuckling, intensely self-conscious Cyrano, he of the honeyed tongue and the huge schnoz. Continue reading “Sorting through Dad’s hoard #10: Cyrano de Bergerac”

So. Let’s talk about Tauriel.

Boy, am I dipping my toes into a pirahna pool here.



I can remember picking up a copy of Empire magazine all the way back last year and reading an article on actors who were going to be big in 2013. One of whom was Aidan Turner who, in the small snippet he was given, made a joke about his character’s interactions with a certain Elf lady, name of Tauriel, and I quote:

Kili’s part has been expanded from the novel; as well as chasing treasure, he’s also pursuing female elf Tauriel. But is he setting his sights too high? ‘I guess he knows nothing can ever happen,’ he explains. ‘She’s about 20ft tall and he’s only two!”

I can also distinctly remember shaking my head and whispering ‘You poor poor fool!‘, thinking of the fanbase. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was kicking himself even now for that comment.

I also felt very sorry for poor Evangeline Lilly. I feel even more sorry for her now because she’s actually stated how worried she is that everyone’s going to say her character ruins everything, when I’m sure she’s done a really good job in her role and tried her best to please the audiences.

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