BBC Banished, Episode 2

Last time on Banished: Elizabeth and Tommy were star-crossed lovers! James was being bullied by Marston! Major Ross has ISSUES! Governor Philip tries to be a reasonable authority figure! Private Buckley is a smirky creep! Tommy and Elizabeth got married on the scaffold! Such romance!

There is skulduggery and digging and whatnot in this episode. Let’s get to it.

(I just realised how many captures there are of Joseph Millson as Major Ross throughout this review. I can’t help it; he makes the best faces.)

The show makes the most of its location shooting by opening on a glorious shot of a misty sunrise. Beautiful. James sharpens a shell, enough that he can cut his palm. Is he trying to quell his hunger by drinking his own blood?

james on the beach.PNG

Oh, no, he’s just going to put the fear of a very hungry guy into Marston. He looms over the bed as Marston sleeps, and somehow manages to make the shell look very threatening as he puts it to Marston’s throat, who wakes up sharpish.

(Ha, ha, ha, I’m so unfunny.)

He demands his food back. Marston points out that if he kills him, he’ll hang, but James says he’d rather die quickly by the noose than starve to death.  Marston calls his bluff and dares him to do it, but (un)fortunately he’s saved by the daily bugle. Thwarted, James tells Marston that the hungrier he gets, the easier it’ll be for him to gut Marston like a fish, and vanishes into the…day, leaving Marston somewhat shaken.

It seems that the show has actually remembered that Elizabeth should still be in incredible pain from having the skin of her back lacerated multiple times, so we’re treated to a nice tender scene (in both senses of the word) where Tommy laces her up in her stays, distracting her from the sheer agony of it all by telling her a joke about a polar bear cub. It’s not the best joke – don’t give up your day job is all I’m saying, Tommy – but it gets a laugh out of Elizabeth. Which immediately hurts her, defeating the point of the exercise. But she doesn’t seem to mind, because they kiss under extreme closeup.

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