So. Doctor Who: ‘Nightmare in Silver’

This is a recap, with very occasional moments of discussion and/or rants. (Well, there’ s a sort of review at the end, but don’t expect anything too deep.) If you haven’t seen ‘Nightmare in Silver’, this will spoil it for you.

So. Wow. Um. This episode.

Well. It certainly was an episode. Let me recap it first, and then get back to you.

The TARDIS lands in Hedgewick’s World, in a tableux that looks rather like the moon landing but is, in fact, something place else, a long way from Earth. So, what, the Doctor let the kids on without a fight? I was expecting the episode to start with him protesting and then giving in and bringing them along, but it seems they decided to skip that bit and just get stuck in straight away.

Capture Angie
You’re going to have that look on your face for pretty much the whole episode, aren’t you? Thanks, just checking.

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So. My third day at the London Book Fair, 2013.

Not much to say about today, at least when it came to the fair. I only stayed a little while this time, two hours at the most, walking around the stalls and booths and making notes to follow up. Also covertly watching the big rights meetings at many tables spread out across wide areas, and getting very excited to see posters for books I’ve waited avidly for – such as Ben Aaronovitch’s ‘Broken Homes’, and Neil Gaiman’s ‘The Ocean at the end of the Lane.’ I was very much hoping that they might have some books up for offer, but nope. Sigh.

However, I can put it on record that I actually – gasp! – talked to people. Of my own accord, and for more than a few seconds! I’m really too old to still be having this mental block when it comes to social matters, but damn it was satisfying, even if there was also a lot of terror sweat involved. Once you get going, it can be okay.

And everyone was so nice! That’s what was most important for me to take from this experience; the fair was filled with people taking part in a trade they’re passionate about and want to help other people get into – admittedly for good business reasons, but also to serve the book in all its different forms.

I really enjoyed these three days; I’ve learned a lot about possible career options, I’ve met some interesting people and found some options I might not have considered, and I walked around a lot with my mouth open without looking too much of an idiot, I hope.

Then I treated myself and went to Waterstones, an experience which shall be elaborated upon in another post.

So. My first day of The London Book Fair, 2013.

Back when I was preparing for the fair, I learned that Neil Gaiman was going to be present. I was overjoyed.

Then I learned he was only going to be present at the Digital Minds conference on the 14th, rather than the three days that the main fair would take place – and that the cost to attend said conference was £359.

To which I said accordingly, and probably for the first time ever, FML.

Even though I was not to see Neil Gaiman, sob sob, the first day of the London Book Fair was still very enjoyable and informative. Here follows a roster of the day:

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So. Does Neverwhere hold up as a radio drama?

Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere is possibly my favorite story of girl with a murdered family on the run, boy encounters girl on pavement, boy blows off date with fiancee to help girl, boy conceals girl from the terrifying duo hunting her, boy helps girl get in touch with crazy magnificent bastard, boy gets completely screwed over as a result and falls between the cracks to another London beneath London, ever.

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