So. What I thought as I watched Doctor Who: ‘Cold War’

This isn’t so much a review as a stream of consciousness,  with very occasional moments of discussion and/or rants. (Well, there’ s a sort of review at the end, but don’t expect anything too deep.)   If you haven’t seen ‘Cold War’, this probably won’t make much sense.

So yes, we are back on good old Planet Earth, complete with an intro shot that swoops over various icebergs and an actual subtitle telling us where we are; North Pole, 1983. Has the show ever done this before? I can’t remember seeing a specific subtitle telling us the location of the week, usually they leave that to the Doctor or the supporting cast to explain.

Oh no, not a camera plunge into the water, I hate those! Not that they’re bad – often they’re crucial in helping to set a scene – but it’s a pet peeve of mine. Gives me the shivers.

And here we have the bottle of this bottle episode; a submarine. Really, is the TARDIS going to be able to fit into that? They appear to be about to launch torpedoes  and I am distracted by the fact that Davos Seaworth and Edmure Tully are on board. Or rather Liam Cunningham and and Tobias Menzies, but two Game of Thrones actors in one episode of another series altogether; what are the odds?

Also, David Warner as the professor, who spoils what turns out to be a drill by enjoying his Ultravox. I don’t know who Ultravox were/are and I don’t care, I love this character already and he’s barely spoken.

The tension between the submarine captain and his…second in command, I’m not going to pretend I know how the Russian navy works, runs its course, and we get our first mention of the ‘specimen’. Naturally, it is a mammoth; what else could it be? Nothing can possibly go wrong.

What am I saying? This is a pre-credits sequence. Stuff going wrong is kind of standard.

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